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Concept Shows

Each concept show designed by Wallenda Enterprises features a story line. Spectators soar beyond simple entertainment as the performance engages through characters, plot, and setting. These stories can be adapted to the over-all atmosphere and setting of a park or fair, or we design something appropriate for your event.

The creative team of Wallenda Enterprises includes the writing of Mr.Wallenda, B.A. in Creative Writing, and MFA in Writing. Mr. Wallenda, combines decades of performance experience, circus/show production
with literary skills bringing these shows to life for spectators at your event.

Zurkus Wallenda

Drawing spectators into this historic story, Zirkus Wallenda’s used Rick as a snake oil “pitchman,” creating the story of WALLENDA’S WONDER TONIC. The seating made from whiskey barrels, and planks, and for evening performances simulated torch lighting to create the nostalgic atmosphere.


The voice of the Animal’s

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