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Learn the history of “The Great Wallendas”

Wallenda Enterprises

Only official home of The World Famous
Wallenda Troupe where we offer thrills,
stunts and highwire entertainment. From
daredevil acts to theatrical entertainment,
The World Famous Wallenda’s provide
top-notch,quality entertainment.

As a Guinness book of World Record holder,
Rick Wallenda endeavors to bring more record
breaking events to the books with the troupe.
Their entertainment goes beyond the traditional
limitations of the past, but honors those who
built our traditions that made the Wallenda name.
More than 200 years of entertainment experience
is now combined with professional writers &
artists as the 21st century opens new pathways.


Check out our daring high wire walks


On these pages the Wallenda family presents many aspects of circus history, professional high-wire thrills, skywalks, entertainment and the individuals involved who built these traditions. You will meet all the members of The World Famous Wallenda Troupe performing against the backdrop of these traditions.

Rick Wallenda still heads the families’ original enterprise—Wallenda Enterprises—exceeding the limits of tradition as The World Famous Wallendas. Karl learned highwire on a steel cable, rather than the older tightrope. All Wallenda troupes continue to look to new technology making highwire safer, better, and more thrilling. Even the ropes are now made of synthetic materials, lasting longer, and providing greater stability.

If you are a first time visitor, a fan, a potential client, or just curious; read these pages, check the archives for historical information, shop our store, look for entertainment, thrills, stunts, or theatrical productions. If something does not appear, we probably just omitted it from this page. Please ask. We are here because of you.

Currently I am working with a video production company on a reality TV program, please check back regularly for updates and visit their site for more info.


Carla Wallenda will be featured on the brand new TV show

Forever Young, on June 21, at 8 PM on NBC.

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