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The world records that this troupe owns ranges from personal, to Guinness World Record. All records, and firsts, performed safely, and with pride and integrity, but not all recognized by Guinness because of the dangerous nature of these records. The World Famous Wallendas acknowledge that others also achieved greatness, but this troupe boasts these achievements.

Rick Wallenda participated in a family eight-person-pyramid, Guinness World Record pyramid in 2001, listed in the 2002 edition of the book. Although recognized as a Guinness record, his grandparents performed the feat in 1939, and as a four tier high pyramid.

Debbie Wallenda became the first, and still only female in the history of highwire, to perform a daring leap from Rick’s shoulders to the wire. She successfully performed this trick from 1985-1991.

On July 4, 2008, Rick Wallenda smashed his grandfather’s prior distance record of 1,800ft, set at Kings Island in 1974, by walking 2,000ft in the same way as his grandfather, from the Eiffel Tower to a crane, and back again. The Cincinnati Enquirer said it was the only time in the history of the park that spectators watched in silence.

On August 30, 2008, Briana, became the youngest person known to perform the chair pyramid in a performance, and at just ten years old she topped the famed seven-person-pyramid! She also ascended the astounding swaypole at 85 feet in the air.

Carla Wallenda is seventy-nine years old and still climbing to one hundred feet on her swaypole. She is the oldest do perform this stunt. She also holds the longest running career of any daredevil. She has been soaring in the air since 1940—a seventy-five year career and still going.

Rick Wallenda plans other highwire records for the future.